We create, and also help others build, socially responsible developments that maximize community benefits as much as they maximize profits.

Our Mission

MAD:Developments is the full service real estate development branch of Modern Architecture & Development. We strive to reach the maximum potential that’s hidden within every property and parcel of land. All of our services can be purchased individually as consulting services, by investors and professionals, but more importantly we love to partner with everyday people who need help in turning their assets into all that they could be! 

Partner with MAD

We believe that partnering with land/property owners and empowering them results in a far greater outcome, for both the owners and society, than just swooping in to buy their land/property and develop it ourselves, which is the current standard.  Through this process we hope to be an example that good development and design is within reach to everyone, when you partner with the right people.

Invest with MAD

We believe that exceptional real estate investment opportunities should be accessible to all, not just the elite. If you’re a discerning individual looking to grow your wealth wisely, you’re in the right place. Build lasting wealth through strategic investment in our carefully crafted projects.  Let us show you why investing with MAD is the key to unlocking a prosperous financial future.

About Us

We have great respect for the land that we interact with and develop.  Our founder grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and was a member of 4-H, so it’s ingrained in the DNA of the company to start from a point of respect for the land and to try and create the most holistic and beneficial outcome possible. 

We also take great pride in our development knowledge and have built our reputation based upon excellence, quality, creating innovative solutions and providing superior customer service.  The integrated, and complimentary, disciplines and services within MAD provide our clients efficiencies and economic benefits in a comprehensive and diverse manner required by today’s complex and multidisciplinary projects. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss how we can help you reach your goals.

"The best investment on earth is earth."
-Louis Glickman



• Pre-Purchase Due Diligence
• Contract Negotiation
• Market Studies
• Needs Assessment Studies
• Site Selection/Assessment Studies
• Programming Studies
• Budgeting
• Development Schedules
• Team Procurement
• Master Planning Studies/ Infrastructure Planning
• Facility Evaluations
• Economic Feasibility Studies
• Governmental Approvals
• Acquisition/Development Loan Procurement
• Equity Procurement


• Development Budgets
• Construction Schedules
• Design Procurement and Coordination
• Permitting
• Development Schedules
• Construction Estimates
• HOA Creation
• Deed Restrictions
• Escrow Accounts
• Marketing Plan

Project Management

• Construction Procurement
• Bid Negotiations
• Post Bid Value Engineering Recommendations
• Client/Construction Team Coordination
• Quality Control
• Monitor Construction Teams RFI’s
• Performance Schedule Monitoring
• Payment Administration
• Monitor Submittal Review
• Review/Opine Contractors Substitution Requests
• Coordinate Punch List/Close Out Documentation
• Construction Claims

Additional Services

Architecture and Property Management services offered through our other divisions.

Environmental and LEED certification services.

Additional Urban Design and Planning services offered by our sister company UD4U.

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