Seller Financing

Discover the freedom of seller financing and embark on your journey to homeownership!  At MAD, we’re reshaping the way you acquire residential lots by introducing exclusive seller financing. Take control of your home-building journey with a host of benefits tailored just for you.  Secure your residential lot, embrace financial freedom, and let your dream home take shape at your own pace. Your future home awaits – seize it today!

Benefits of Financing With Us


Financial Flexibility 

Bid farewell to full price payments! Our seller financing empowers you with financially flexible options to secure the lot you desire without straining your resources.


No Need to Rush

Plan your dream home meticulously without the pressure of hurried decisions. Our financing allows you the time and space to envision and design your ideal living space.


Cost-Effective Solutions

Say goodbye to steep interest rates and large hidden APR fees from traditional banks. We offer competitive rates with fewer fees, ensuring you pay less and retain more of your hard-earned money for the home you’ve always dreamed of.


Smart Market Navigation

Wait for opportune moments in the market without sacrificing your preferred lot. Our financing lets you bide your time and then convert the loan into a construction loan, when rates align with your financial goals, all while securing the perfect lot.


5-Year Repayment Plan

Enjoy the convenience of a 5-year grace period to pay off your loan. This extended timeframe provides you with flexibility, allowing you to manage your finances with ease. During this time you’ll also have the ability to pay off the loan early or terminate the loan by paying an early termination fee.


Customizable Payments 

Tailor your payments to fit your needs and goals! Choose whether to amortize your loan over 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years, or lower your monthly payments with a 5-year interest-only loan, providing you with the flexibility to align with your unique financial strategy.

Available Financing Options

These financing options are designed to give you the freedom and control to shape your homeownership journey within one of our vibrant communities.


Purchase Option

This option provides you with the right to buy the property within a specified timeframe, 3/6/9 months, with only a down payment. 

When the closing occurs 100% of your down payment goes towards the purchase price and there is only a small fee assessed. 

If you are unable to close for any reason, then you forfeit the down payment. 

Secure the perfect location for your dream single-family home while having the flexibility to finalize the purchase when you have your financing in order.


Conventional Land Loan

Benefit from fixed monthly payments that also pay down the purchase price, offering financial predictability during the crucial early stages of design & construction planning.

Once your dream home is ready to be built, address the 5-year balloon payment by either paying off the balance or rolling the remainder of your balance into your construction loan. 

This financing option is tailored to those who appreciate the advantages of conventional loans, but seek an affordable start to the home building process compared to bank loans.


Interest-Only Loan

Enjoy lower monthly payments during the five year grace period by paying only the interest on the loan. 

Once you’re ready to build, just pay the purchase price, minus your down payment, or include the payoff amount in your new construction loan. 

With the added flexibility to pay any of our loan options off early, or pay an early termination fee, this option is ideal for those looking to make the most of their finances during the exciting process of designing and planning a home in a well-established neighborhood.

Purchase Option

3 Months
5%+ Down

(2% fee on remaining balance)

6 Months
10%+ Down

(4% fee on remaining balance)

9 Months
15%+ Down

(6% fee on remaining balance)

3 Month Extension
Requires Approval

(Additional 5% down on the purchase price & additional 3% fee on remaining balance)

Interest Rates

Rates last updated on 05/02/24

Our Conventional Land Loan Rates

5 Year

10 Year

15 Year

20 Year

25 Year

30 Year


Conventional Land Loan Bank Rates

5 Year

10 Year

15 Year

20 Year

25 Year

All rates displayed are based on borrowers using auto-pay, with excellent credit scores, a down payment of 25%+, excellent employment history and financial statements and only represent averages and trends. Please consult with us to receive a personalized rate for your specific situation.

Our Interest-Only Land Loan Rates

25%+ Down

20% Down

15% Down

10% Down

5% Down

All rates displayed are based on a 5-year term with borrowers using auto-pay, excellent credit scores, excellent employment history and financial statements and only represent averages and trends. Please consult with us to receive a personalized rate for your specific situation.

Loan Calculator

Use the calculator below to simulate monthly payments on a conventional loan







Monthly Payment

Principal & Interest $1421

Monthly Taxes $1421

Monthly HOA $1421

This calculator is being provided for educational purposes only. The results are estimates based on information you provide and may not reflect actual results. The results are not a promise or guarantee of a customer’s eligibility or terms for a specific product or service.  MAD is not responsible for the content, results, or accuracy of the information on the calculator.

Interest rates and monthly payments are subject to various factors, including but not limited to applicants’ credit score, income, down payment amount, and more. Your specific terms will be determined during the application process to ensure a financing plan tailored to your unique circumstances. 

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